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Recruit from over 3 million registered nurses!

ANA is the principal source for nursing career resources, information, and educational opportunities for nursing professionals.

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ANA 30-day Online Job Posting Package
  • Does not include resume access
Five (5) 30-day Online Job Posting Packages
    • Get 10% off the single posting rate!
    • Includes resume database search access.
    • Each job runs online for 30 days.
    • All jobs must be posted within one year of package purchase.

Ten 30-day Online Job Posting Packages
  • Get 15% off the single posting rate! Ideal for recruiters and ad agencies.
  • Includes resume database search access.
  • Each job runs online for 30 days.
  • All jobs must be posted within one year of package purchase.
Integrated Nurse Recruitment Package
    • Maximize your employment brand exposure with a multi-faceted 90-day campaign.
    • Forty-five (45) 30-day job postings - 15 per month - to find talent for your specific openings.
    • Resume database access to identify candidates with the skills and experience you need.
    • Five (5) featured jobs to drive added exposure for the hardest-to-fill positions.
    • Banner advertising throughout the ANA Career Center providing visibility for your brand on pages viewed by candidates.
    • Three (3) recruitment messages posts to the ANA Facebook page.
    • Three(3) recruitment messages posts to the ANA LinkedIn group.


Job Posting Enhancements Price USD 

The packages below are available to purchase with each of your job postings. During the job payment process you may be given the opportunity to select from one or more of the following options:

Featured Job

  • Give your job more exposure!
  • A 'Featured Job' will appear on the job seekers home page for 30 days.
  • A 'Featured Job' will be flagged on the results page giving you a better opportunity to get your job seen.
  • $125.00 
    30-day Featured Job – Across the Network

  • Give your job more exposure throughout the NHCN.
  • Your featured network job will be highlighted in the search on all sites where your job posting appears.
  • $200.00 
    60-day Featured Job – Across the Network
    90-day Featured Job – Across the Network
    Talent Blast

    Get Maximum Exposure and Up to 4 times the Qualified Response with One Single Job Posting. Talent Blast combines sophisticated posting optimization (SEO) and targeted ad campaign management (SEM) to hundreds of additional job sites, providing ultimate exposure and performance that result in more qualified applicants for your job.
    • Your job posting optimized (SEO) to rank higher in search results for better visibility on job aggregator sites and job search engines
    • Your job posting distributed to hundreds of additional relevant job boards including vertical sites, regional sites, diversity sites, and even social networks as part of paid ad campaigns (SEM)
    • SEO and SEM ad campaigns monitored and adjusted real-time to achieve the best performance possible
    • Your posting sent to passive job seekers from a national database who match your requirements
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    SmartBrief Add-On

  • Extend your reach by including your job posting in ANA SmartBrief and ANA Nurse CareerBrief. ANA SmartBrief is a daily e-mail newsletter read by over 61,500 nurses. ANA Nurse CareerBrief is a weekly e-mail newsletter ready by leading nurse professionals and rising stars that are focused on professional growth.

    Job listings are featured content in every issue.
  • Your job will run in each issue of ANA SmartBrief over a 30-day period, and 4 issues of ANA Nurse CareerBrief.
  • Post your job today, and reach thousands of passive and active job seekers tomorrow!
  • $300.00 
    Employer Branding

    Brand2Recruit Advertising

    Distinguish yourself among the other employers, recruiters and agencies by providing information about your organization that attracts top quality Job Seekers. Become a Brand2Recruit today!

    Learn More
    Expand Your Reach With a Network Posting
    The NHCN links job boards of leading healthcare associations - the preferred resource for healthcare talent. Try out the Network WIZARD to see where your job will appear!
    Single Job - Express Service
    Post your single job ad in minutes plus take advantage of featured advertising enhancements.
    Multiple Jobs - Self Service
    Create your own customized solution. More jobs mean greater discounts. Calculate your best savings and begin posting immediately.
    Multiple Jobs - Personalized Service
    Contact your sales representative for a customized solution! |
    Online Job Advertising Includes:
    - Tiered pricing to reduce cost - Resume access with active job
    - Quick registration and posting process - Resume alerts emailed daily
    - Online account managing tools - Bulkposting capabilities

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